Torotoro became a trademark in New Zealand.

Torotoro became a trademark in New Zealand.

Torotoro just passed its first birthday a few weeks ago and now became a registered trademark in New Zealand by IPONZ of the Government.Hopefully it will give greater trust to our customers and partners, and a bigger headache to our beloved competitors as a visible...

NZ Blood event

On 20th September NZ Blood invited the business community to visit the brand-new facility in Hamilton CBD. It is a very impressive place and NZ Blood, WCC, Abbott and Cafe provided excellent hospitality for the guests. We had good food, good coffee and very good chats...

The risk of AI in cyber security – an article by Gyöngyi Sági

Few months ago, my old friend, Gyongyi who runs Digitrendi a news portal in Hungary, asked my expert opinion about the risks of AI in cyber security, based on a study by one the vendors in this field.

To be in style, I have asked Chat GPT to summarize and translate this artice, with the preliminary approval of Gyongyi, of course. Enjoy:)

Paying too much for mobile applications?

Here is probable reason for that: The Potentially Unwanted Applications at various appstores. What happens?Nothing new in the first place.  Every little helps, as we know it.Clever guys found out that creating and selling “useful” mobile applications around fancy...