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Is Torotoro the next technical shop who just want to sell technology products and services?

No. Torotoro is about to change the culture around cyber security in your company as always the human factor is the most important to protect your and your customer’s data.

Can Torotoro help us with real life experience?

Yes, Torotoro advisors has real life experience and learnings from the customer side which is important to step into the shoes of the customer.

What are the main differentiators of working with Torotoro?

Real life experience and practices from national and multinational projects. Understanding the importance of lifelong learning in serving customers.
Honest approach and thinking customers first.

What is Torotoro?

Torotoro is a word with multiple meaning. Means ant, a flower, a bird. For us the most important meaning is reconnoiter. We like the scout and the advance guard too. Maybe too much:) As we have to do it for our customers.

Where can I find more Torotoro people?

Of course, on LinkedIn.
Check it out here: LinkedIn

Is Torotoro associated with trade organizations?

Torotoro is a proud member of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

Check it out here:
Torotoro at Waikato Chambers of Commerce

Torotoro is a proud member of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

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