Cyber Security Services

In this connected world of today it does not really matter if you small or big, the cybersecurity issues can be the very same.

Why Torotoro?

We give you expert support in cyber security.

Cyber security is a big umbrella with many disciplines below. Nobody can be a unicorn who knows everything and can solve all cyber related tasks alone. Generalist are not experts.

Here comes the general understanding of the area and the industry experience into the picture. In addition, you need to know experts who can do the expert works. The older you are, the better you can handle situations.

This is how we can help you. There are areas where we can service you and there are areas where we need to involve other experts. The main goal is to serve you well and solve your problem on reasonable terms.

The other pillar of our philosophy is to help you to achieve better business results solving your cyber issues. Solving cyber issues just for the sake of cyber security is the past. Today, we have to help to achieve better business outcomes is the goal of cyber security companies serving business customers and markets.

Please send us message if you are interested in a no-commitment consultation about your cyber security needs and questions.


Our approach

Not only technical experience

Putting “Cybersecurity” in the shopwindow and selling the same technology as in the last 10-20 years is not cybersecurity. Since technology is everywhere, cybersecurity is everywhere. It became a management issue and task. And organizations must cope with it. This is exactly where Torotoro can help.

Customer focus and human centric approach

The success of a cybersecurity project is about the humans participating in it. It is a cultural change, buying the next technology will not solve anything. We are well aware of it after projects in many places in the world.

Result orientation aka no customer left behind

There is an old saying – Think customer first. This is our motto as well, even though we are not the inventor of it, we fully embraced it. If we contract you, we will do everything to make a successful project with you. 

Change your cybersecurity stance

It is very simple to avoid the unwanted attention of malicious actors by doing the right things consequently. 

We can help you to change the cybersecurity culture and hygiene in your organization.

We cannot do it alone from outside. We have to work together with you, and we must earn your trust.

We are team players

Our lessons from playing rugby are not the only reasons for that:)

No cyber security company. can solve everything alone. Torotoro is no exception. We work with selected and proved professionals and experts depending on the nature of the job. 

We are not shy to bring experts from anywhere who can help. Really help.

We seek to cooperate

Torotoro is a proud member of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce and try to be an active and useful member of the local business community. 

We always look for ways to cooperate locally and even internationally as it is the only way to solve the business challenges of today.

In case if you have further questions, we are happy to answer them anytime.